President's Letter

Editor - 07/04/2016

Welcome to Website of the Medical School of Hanoi

Dear friends!

First I would like to send greetings and express profound gratitude of school leadership to the Department of Education and Training in Hanoi, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training, Director of the hospital, all officers the teachers, employees and students of the university - who have made the success of the Medical school of Hanoi.

School of Medicine in Hanoi, was established July 3, 2008 by Decision No. 1985 / QD-Committee of the People's Committee of Hanoi so far the school has become one of the training institutions health human resources are of good quality, to meet the learning needs and the needs of society, to serve the cause of people's health care. The school has 48 teachers, including 04 GS / Associate Professor, 05 PhD / CKII, 09 MSc / CKI, 14 doctors, university Bachelor, 04 and 04 Intermediate College, with a flow of students near 500HS / year. Currently training school 5 sectors: Nursing, Medical Degree, Engineering testing, Midwives, Pharmacist, with 2-year program. In addition the school has specialist nursing training: Pediatric Nursing, Nursing Teeth - Jaw - Face to 60 students / year. This year the school will open more branches Pharmacists, Medical Eye specialist.

Right from the day the newly established, the School Board has always focused on the quality of teaching / learning, so that all the school's teachers are selected to achieve and exceed the standard of professional secondary teachers, annual professional training, update teaching methods. The school has a full lecture hall with full equipment for teaching, practice rooms for students with basic equipment and modern meet needs teaching / learning for all programs.

Practice facilities of the school's Bach Mai Hospital, Children's Hospital Central, the National Institute of burns, Hanoi Obstetric Hospital, Hospital E, Ha Dong General Hospital, etc. So school students are practicing at the hospital and specialist staff skilled professional, highly experienced clinical and teaching, with modern equipment synchronized, whose number large and diverse patient about the disease with many different levels, creating favorable conditions for student clinical practice, contributing to quality assurance.

Students at the school are carefully selected according to the standards of the school, equipped with appropriate learning methods for active teaching methods, practice simulation and evidence-based practice. The school created all things biological conditions for good, comprehensive development such as libraries provide documentation day / learning, reference books, practice rooms available on the students, always consult student feedback and timely resolution, create a friendly learning environment, teaching professional ethics nghep cages in all modules, student support when in trouble. The emulation movement good school, good training is held regularly, very effective. Students participate actively in the movement of the industry such as school building friendly schools and active students, learning and following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh, etc ... The result of the initiative students learning, study hard, as good morals, good quality learning and active participation in the activities of the union industry and society, such as blood donation, cultural activities, can Sports, of the industry. Teachers, students participated in the contest of good teachers, excellent student competition of the Department of Education and Training Hanoi are high award. Most of the graduates have jobs matching majors.

International cooperation and scientific research. The school partnered with the University of San Francisco- USA, University of Taiwan, Japan, etc ... Every year the foreign experts to give lectures to teachers and students about methods of teaching / learning, expertise so most teachers and students have been trained professional, innovative teaching methods in the world, besides the school has received many media used for teaching as textbooks and facilities for teaching . Thanks to cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations, the school has introduced many students to participate in recruitment for hospitals, clinics, health care companies. The coming years will be the school's students sent to schools improve their training in foreign universities. The school held the annual assessment module, the standard program capacity. Research to improve the technical process towards international integration.

Currently, the Medical School of Hanoi is a reliable address for you learning needs of health science. At this point you will get comprehensive training, particularly on methods of learning, work, skilled professional and committed, the school has many opportunities to work in the health facilities, and advanced learning level.

To improve the quality of training in the water level in the area, the school focuses mainly on the following areas:

- Construction and development staff, teachers meet the standard capacity of countries in the region and the world, to conduct training on the capacity.

- Renewal of the program content, teaching methods / learning in order to improve the quality of training; planning development towards multi-disciplinary field and correlation between different levels of education to meet the learning needs broad social.

- Promote scientific research, innovations, creating favorable conditions for staff involved in research and science and technology transfer for the base, applying the results of research into the care serves people sick.

- Strengthening and expanding the relationship of international cooperation with government organizations, NGOs in order to improve the quality of education and scientific research.

To get the results today, the Medical School of Hanoi has received the attention and support effectively the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Health, the Department of Education and Training in Hanoi, Director of the hospital, the teachers and students of schools. We respectfully acknowledge the valuable support it and look forward to the Medical School of Hanoi will continue to receive the support of the concerned leaders, unions, organizations and individuals in and abroad.

Thank you very much!



Prof. Le Ngoc Trong

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Medical School of Hanoi (formerly known as School of Health Anqing) was established under Decision No. 1985 / QD-Committee July 3, 2008 of the...

President's Letter

First I would like to send greetings and express profound gratitude of school leadership to the Department of Education and Training in Hanoi, the...

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