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5 years of development and growth of Medicine School of Hanoi

Medical School of Hanoi (formerly known as School of Health Anqing) was established under Decision No. 1985 / QD-Committee July 3, 2008 of the People's Committee of Ha Tay province (now Commission Hanoi people).

Chairman-cum-Rector: Prof. Dr. Le Ngoc Trong

- Former Deputy Minister of Health

- Former Rector of Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy

- Former director of the Institute of Medicine of traditional Vietnam.

Advisory Board Chairman: Prof. Dr. Tran Quy.

- Former Director of Bach Mai Hospital,

- Former Rector of Bach Mai Medical Intermediate, Senior Lecturer of the Hanoi Medical University, People's Teacher, labor heroes renovation period.

Address: 422 Vinh Hung Street, Thanh Tri ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

Phone: 043.858.0437

Website: tcykhoahanoi.edu.vn

Gmail: hnmedical.2008@gmail.com

1. The objective of the school is: The quality and efficiency

- Training of medical staff have professional qualifications with good practical skills, depth, good political qualities, dedicated to serving the sick and constantly improve their learning.

- In the immediate future: training health workers qualified professional secondary.

- Permanent prepare conditions for the development of colleges and universities.

2. The motto of the school's activities

- Quality and efficiency, thread through good teaching and learning is good.

- Solidarity, cooperation, democracy, discipline, openness and transparency.

- Attach learn with practice, combined with scientific research and serve to meet social needs.

- Advanced Train ethical teachings of President Ho Chi Minh "The good physician is also an excellent mother."

- Integration and International Cooperation.

3. After 5 years of development and growth the school has obtained outstanding results are

3.1. Focusing specialized training in order to meet the manpower needs of the health sector

- Right from its inception (2008) the school has been the Ministry of Education and Training for the industry code allows training 2: Nurses, laboratory techniques.

- In 2010, the Ministry of Health for the specialized training schools 2: Nursing and Dental Pediatric Nursing Certification system for 6 months.

- 2011 Department of Education school training that allows open code trained physician sector.

- 2012 school by the Department of Education and Training to allow pharmacists Vocational Training. At the same time the Ministry of Health also allows the school to coordinate with the Central Eye Hospital physicians specialized training certification systems 6 months eyes, switch systems from physicians to nursing certification system three months, converting from industry physician health to 1 year system.

- 2013 by the Ministry of Health for technician training certification system glasses 6 months; Education and training; Department of Health for technical training schools masseuse - rehabilitation technician health care system 3-month certificate.

- The school is applying procedures the Department of Education and Training Hanoi allowed the school to open fields of training midwives and regular 2-year transition from code generation health sector to 1 year laboratory techniques. The school is continuing research to open some more intensive training industry codes and other short term to meet the needs of society in the cause of caring, protecting and improving people's health.

3.2. Ensure the quality and effectiveness of training

- Thousands of students have graduated with good quality: More than 90% of graduates achieving good and excellent; More than 80% of students graduated had a job properly trained professionals in the medical establishment, are the basis of using good quality assessment.

- Two young teachers in recent years and the school's students have participated in the implementation of good teachers and good students achieve their municipal top prize at a rate of 100%.

- The school has compiled a set of good quality lectures.

3.3. There are teachers on permanent staff with highly qualified teaching as professor, associate professor, doctoral, masters and postgraduates have experienced many years of teaching at universities, high and intermediate class. The school combined with teaching staff highly qualified lecturers are currently working at the medical school and many leading national hospitals have dedicated to career training.

- Focus training and development of young staff enthusiasm, enthusiasm, creativity and effort, learning rise.

3.4. Building a system of lab tests and the pre-clinical lab standards, to train students to be skilled before clinical practice in hospitals. More school library materials for teachers and students to reference.

3.5. Cooperation with the hospital's high-tech industry leaders and central Hanoi best facilitate student learning with high quality such as Bach Mai Hospital, Hospital of Paediatrics, National Burn Hospital Hospital teeth - Ham - Central Front, the Central Eye Hospital, Hospital E Central, Central Hospital of Dermatology, Hospital 19-8 Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Agriculture's Hospital and Rural Development, Central Maternity hospital, General hospital of Ha Dong, .... and some hospital districts of Hanoi. Especially students only Medical School of Hanoi as practice in the central leading hospitals such as the above-mentioned techniques practical contribution to ensure good quality of training.

3.6. Working students and students: The school homeroom teachers as well the management, education and training students in learning under the guidance of the Chamber of student work, student. Incorporates the family and society in the management and education of students obtained good results.

3.7. Has developed international cooperation in teaching and creating jobs in labor export.

- Collaboration with the University of San Francisco in the US nursing teaching for students and teachers of the school.

- The school has contracted a specialized nursing training to labor export nurses to work in Japan, Taiwan and some other countries.

3.8. Promoting the role of unions:

- Unions caring school officials and union members:

+ Well organize stays cool for officials and union members every year.

+ Organize well the family business.

+ Combined with government encouragement and management union members to fulfill the tasks assigned.

- Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union:

+ Well organize cultural and sports activities in the schools vibrant.

+ Is there responsibility to participate in voluntary blood donation

+ Youth Organization was activated sung well in school.

3.9. The school has completed projects to establish medical colleges in Hanoi

Intermediate school on the basis of the Hanoi Medical.

- Has been supporting the Ministry of Health

- People's Committee of Hanoi city agreed and reported to the Ministry of Education and Training

- Currently the Ministry of Education and Training is considering.

4. Career development:

Medical Vocational School in Hanoi continue to promote high achievement won, to build schools with high-quality training.

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